Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's 2014: Pick a Word

I just saw a segment on our local news with "Carol the Coach". Instead of making resolutions, she suggested that you pick a word for the year.  Write the word down, tell others your word, put it on your calendar daily, and keep working toward that instead of keeping track of resolutions.  I did a search to see if the post was delineated in one place, but mainly found posts from 2003, 2008, etc. I do like the idea; I always enjoyed it when my interdisciplinary teams (some of my glory years of teaching) had a team name or theme that we carried out (often very successfully, if I do say so myself)

Here are some suggested words:

I'm thinking I might go with pride; at the end of the day, can I be proud of what I have done?  Can I inspire my students to take pride in their accomplishments?  Would I be proud for others to see what my house looks like right now?(no!) I've thought of many applications already.

Happy 2014!

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  1. Susie, I blogged on this idea too! The Today Show had a segment on the concept. Your word choice is great and certainly one that I could apply to my life-professional and personal. I went with one that forces me to examine a personal weakness. Thanks for sharing your post in chat last night!