Monday, October 21, 2013

Sometimes the Memorex is Almost as Good

I've been waiting for George Couros's keynote from EDSCAPE at New Milford, NJ to be posted.  Thanks to TeacherCast, you can now watch it.

Do you ever sign up for webinars, telling yourself, well, if I can't watch it, they're sending me the archive? And do you ever watch the archive?  Well, this broadcast is worth watching after the fact.  There are so many inspirational, thoughtful reasons given to integrate technology and connect our students to others in the world.  I especially enjoyed Couros's family, personal stories, and how they relate to his journey as an educator. I have to admit, though, that it was fun watching live on Saturday knowing that many others across the country were joining from afar simultaneously.  I could tell from the tweets that there were many learning just from watching the twitter stream alone!  An interesting phenomenon happened when I saw @njtechteacher tweet live from New Milford and share her google doc notes; I could see her type as I watched Couros live.  She didn't realize it was being streamed until I commented on her helpful notes, complete with many references.

My favorite current webinars are Classroom 2.0 Live on Saturdays at noon ET, and many of the edWeb programs. What sets them apart?  In addition to outstanding guests, they have the most audience participation, with very active chat rooms. Seeing the archive is not as fun, but I almost always gain very valuable resources, and am inspired by the participants.

Watch the Couros keynote when you have time; I guarantee you will be inspired as well. Sometimes, you can be connected even after the fact.

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